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5: Getting Into Web Development in 2018


5: Getting Into Web Development in 2018

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In this episode I'm talking about the attitude we, as experienced professionals should have towards the people who want to learn web development. It's also short valuable lesson for aspiring web developers.

I recently started researching the problems people have when trying to get into web development. I'm working on my first online course which is called "1-2-3 Web Development" and it will help people who want to get into web development establish what they want to do, what technologies should they learn and how to do it. What I found is very interesting. A lot of people ask what they need to do to become a web developer, and the majority of the answers only offer technical advice.

"Learn HTML. Here's HTML, elements look like this, here's what all the elements mean"

"Then learn CSS, and SASS, and LESS"

"Then learn JavaScript. But learn IT first, and then learn jQuery or other libraries"

I know these answers by heart because I've given them time and time again.

Is there a problem with them?

Technically, no.

But most of the people asking these questions don't even know where to start. They need guidance from the mindset level. HTML and CSS come after. It's easy for us to point to the manual, and ask that it should be learned ad litteram. The problem is that people need to make sense of the context before they get into the specifics.

Happy listening!