[VIDEO] Automatically fix ESLint code validation errors in Visual Studio Code

Just found this very interesting feature in Visual Studio Code. It turns out that if you break a style rule, and you get a warning from ESLint, if you click on the lightbulb that appears on the gutter, near the line number where the error is, you get a "Fix problem" option.

At first, I wasn't sure if this was built into VSCode or in the the ESLint extension I'm using. After looking into this, I found that the extension not only provides that functionality but it offers many more nice things like auto fixing all "fixable" validation errors on save.

Check it out: ESLint by Dirk Baeumer. By the way, it has 1.5+m installs!

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jQuery, Babel, React Native and the importance of making mistakes

It wasn't very long ago when we didn't have all these generators, scaffolders, bootstraps etc. Not long since we used to include a small library into every project. You got it right, people, I'm talking about jQuery.

Actually, the article is not about jQuery. The title can be regarded as a clickbait but I had to draw your attention to something important. Consider this article a parallel between jQuery and the web platform's current state of affairs.

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X in a box - containers for developers video series?

For quite some time I wanted to help developers better understand Docker containers. I’ve been working with containers for the past 2.5 years and like most of you, I was just a full stack JavaScript developer. I had to learn how to use Docker containers with no previous knowledge and little or no guidance.

It was like being thrown off a plane with an umbrella instead of a parachute. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I had a lot of time to make mistakes, miss deadlines and crash production apps.

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