Issue #1

Since it's the beginning of the story, I'm not sure about the format. So here's a list of articles I went through for some GraphQL research I did for a client.

How to build a GraphQL API in Rails

Here's a very good explanation on how to build a GraphQL api in Rails published on Medium by Wayne Chu. Although it is a bit more than I needed for my research, I got a lot of value from reading this series of posts

Building a GraphQL API in Rails — Part 1

Building a GraphQL API in Rails — Part 2

Building a GraphQL API in Rails — Part 3

More on GraphQL and rails

An very detailed wrap-up of the topic by Gaurav Tiwari. Again, a bit more than I needed in terms of the level of detail, but very helpful if you want to understand the end-to-end implications of using GraphQL.

GraphQL and Relay on Rails — Getting Started

GraphQL and Relay on Rails — Creating types and Schema

GraphQL and Relay on Rails — First relay powered react component

GraphQL and Relay on Rails — dynamic component rendering

GraphQL and Relay on Rails — Authentication and Mutations

GraphQL and Relay on Rails — Moving to Webpack

GraphQL and Relay on Rails — Wrap Up

And some example code, right here:

And an extra post from the same author: Zero to GraphQL — Building GraphQL servers in popular web frameworks

The long tail

These are the articles I skimmed through, except for Phil Sturgeon's article which has been recommended to me, which I read in its entirety.

GraphQL vs REST: Overview — Phil Sturgeon

How to Implement a GraphQL API in Rails — Codeship Blog

Building APIs with Ruby on Rails and GraphQL — SitePoint

Getting Started With Rails: Installing GraphQL — Scott Motte