How’s it going?

The approach: I don’t give or tolerate BS, I communicate transparently and I want our project to succeed.

How can I help?

Here are the things I will do if we work together.

  • Talk to the tech team to get context into the way the website was developed.
  • Do a high level front-end architecture/tooling review.
  • Create a solid tooling/foundation to build improvements upon.
  • Run audits — yes, this is when audits are actually involved.
  • Give you actionable recommendations, tailor-made to your specific codebase and problems.
  • Oversee the recommendations implementation.

What’s wrong with going for an agency?

The problem with any type of business that thrives on the volume of customers is they don’t have time to dedicate to individual clients. Everything is tightly managed, and clocked, and every minute has to be billable.

An agency auditing your website’s Core Web Vitals might run a set of tools which give nicely printable reports with everything that’s wrong. But without understanding why it went wrong in the first place, what the tech team was trying to avoid, what corners they had to cut and what were they shipping at the time, implementing any audit recommendation is close to impossible.

Anyone can run a Lighthouse audit and say what is wrong with Core Web Vitals on your website. But quality of the implementation of a given recommendation highly depends on that person’s knowledge of your codebase and the other dependencies that aren’t observable through a PDF report.

Lighthouse reports is not enough.

An even more unfortunate thing about Core Web Vitals audits is that many agencies run Lighthouse audits but never think to get actual data from tools like the Google Search Console.

The difference between a tool like Lighthouse or Pagespeed Insights is that they provide lab(laboratory) data. Although this is a good enough indicator of whether you’re fixing an issue or not, lab data does nothing to help you prioritize your efforts. You need field data for that, and you can find it in Google Search Console.

Assuming you run a large e-commerce website, maybe improving Core Web Vitals on your homepage is less important than doing it on your product details page (PDP) or your product category page (PCP). Looking at lighthouse reports you won’t be able to see this dimension, but if you look at Google Search Console, you can actually correlate the number of issues, their frequency of occurrence as well as their impact, with page visits, dropoff rates and everything inbetween.

Then there’s also the real kicker: in order to “tell” Google you’ve fixed an issue with Core Web Vitals, you have to mark the issue as “fixed” in Google Search Console. That’s if you want Google to work faster for you.

Got issues with Core Web Vitals?

Talk is cheap. If you’re having trouble with Google’s new page experience KPIs, and don’t want to ruin the SEO ranking you’ve built over the years, let’s work to fix Core Web Vitals for your website.

Fix my Core Web Vitals

No bells and whistles?

You probably expected that someone who advertises themself as a web developer, would have a site filled with all kinds of cool animations and transitions and sparkles.

Besides being a contrarian by nature, practicality and minimalism are two of my core traits. If something simpler can get the job done, and is more effective (not just efficient) and it serves the business goal, I’m all for it!

You’re looking at a website that’s meant to get you acquainted with me and my services. There was no reason to go any further. I’m also not that good at design — there are real professinoals doing that, I just implement what they provide.

Honestly, I ship effective applications which meet business goals. If there’s no win for your business, you will have to convince me to do it. That’s just how I work.

I treat my clients' goals as my own. If we work together, I will try to prevent you from doing anything that doesn’t move you and your business closer to your goals.

More about me

I have been doing web development since late 2008 and I’m one of those people who is in love with their craft. I also love product work and I have had more than one personal project planned, shipped and launched, often by myself, other times along with co-founders.

Below I will list a couple of technologies I specialize in, in no particular order.

  • JavaScript
  • GoLang
  • React.js
  • Next.js
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Messaging systems / Message queues


Let me help you fix your website performance issues and take your website’s Core Web Vitals page experience indicators to a good score.

Let’s work together

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