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I love technology! I want to help you build and consolidate your online presence, through technology. I will help you discover your most expensive software problems and we are going to tackle each and every one of them. Technology should not be a mere afterthought, it should be your main focus!

The team

Photo of Adrian Oprea

Adrian Oprea

DevOps expert

Adrian is our full-time DevOps expert! He's all about all-things-continuous (CI, CD) and a huge advocate of cloud technologies and Docker. During the past 2 years, Adrian set up continuous deployment pipelines using Jenkins and GitLab CI. He also migrated development environments and production applications in the cloud, using Docker and services like Amazon ECS, Amazon ALB/ELB, Amazon ECR, Digital Ocean etc. His core belief is that automation, testing and development best practices are the three biggest productivity boosters any development team should get.

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Photo of Adrian Oprea

Adrian Oprea

Senior JavaScript wizard

We sometimes call him "the Gandalf of JavaScript". He started from humble beginnings, as a front-end developer, so HTML and CSS are second nature to him. Adrian knows JavaScript inside-out and thinks that if you take the time to learn the platform well enough, you can be productive with any framework or library in less than 8 hours.
Since hearing about Node.js, Adrian set himself up to master server-side JavaScript and had the chance to work for companies using Node.js at scale, like 1and1. He's helped companies adopt proper development best practices like static code analysis, proper code reviews, test-driven development or end-to-end testing.

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Photo of Adrian Oprea

Adrian Oprea

Technical expert

We are very lucky to have such a seasoned software engineer on our team. Having developed websites since the days when AJAX was just a baby and jQuery was in the making, we all think Adrian is our most valuable colleague.
During his office-bound career, Adrian worked on large-scale applications, ranging from e-commerce applications for large costmetics conglomerates, cutting-edge product configurators for mobile phone industry leaders, high-traffic web applications in the domain registration / hosting industry, all the way to customer-support solutions sporting websocket communication, message queues, microservices, caches etc.
Working with Adrian on critical technical decisions guarantees first-class delivery with a cherry on top!
We always receive great feedback regarding the depth of knowledge that Adrian brings to the table, as well as his proverbial pragmatism.
We've been told that his secret mantra is: "Don't be wasting other people's money", something that we think was inspired by Harry Roberts / @csswizardry.

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Photo of Adrian Oprea

Adrian Oprea

Technical trainer

We pride ourselves with people who are always up to date with the ever-changing tech landscape. Adrian, is one of those people who cannot sit a day without learning something new. You can always hear him talk about a new article, an inspiring podcast episode or a book. He invests a considerable amount of time and money into his technical fitness and loves watching egghead.io videos which he considers well-distilled and very pragmatic. He always manages to prove us wrong, and whenever he delivers an internal training, we get a highly distilled, easy to understand version of the material. The quality of the trainings and workshops that Adrain delivers helped us build a solid programming knowledge throughout our small team.

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