Custom-coding a landing page in 45 minutes

Getting feedback from your target audience early on in product development is pure gold!

This helps you make reusable components that allow you to iterate, build and test out new ideas a lot faster.

This is what I did with weremote.ro and all that feedback and community involvement helped me create a non-intrusive UI/UX that I can reuse on weremote.eu, which is coming soon.

It’s what enabled me to create the landing page for weremote.eu in under 45 minutes. Everything was custom coded, nothing off-the-shelf in terms of design, layout and interaction.

What I did (aka. the tasks list)

✅ Project & dependencies setup

✅ Home page

✅ About page

✅ Contact page

✅ All site copy(created or translated)

Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 19.35.39

The advantages of building reusable high-level components

🔘Faster testing time

🔘Cohesive UI/UX for existing users

🔘Language and wording tailored to the user

🔘Validated experience that can be improved rather than replaced and re-tested

My 2 cents:

🎯 Focus on reuse and components at a higher level. You need macro-level optimizations.

🎯 You don’t have a product right now, you have a project. The sooner you understand this, the better.

🎯 Think of your product as a Lego Duplo, not a Ninjago. Stop tweaking the fine knobs, nobody’s using your app right now! Make sure the bigger parts fit.

🎯 If you’re a software developer, you can create a library of components and abstractions to reuse on your personal projects. This will relieve you from a lot of stress and pain.

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