Fix Ctrl-P indexing in Vim/NeoVim

I started using NeoVim a year ago and I siwtch between it and Visual Studio Code quite often. I use NeoVim mostly when I do text editing. I use it almost exclusively when writing blog articles, notes or doing research.

In the past couple of weeks, whenever I tried to use Ctrl-P to find an article and edit it, it seemed like it could not find anything in my posts directory. I tried other directories and had the same behavior.

This is a short post in which I’d like to share the solution to my problem, as many others might have the same issue.

At first I thought there was a Python issue because I’m using pymatcher as ctrlp_match_func as it is supposed to make things fast. This was fuelled by the fact that YouCompleteMe was complaining about Python support.

Finally, today I found this comment of the original plugin author, on an issue similar to mine.

As far as my problem goes, all I had to do was to run :CtrlPClearAllCaches and allow the plugin to re-index the projects I was working on, at startup.

Hope it helps!

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