Fix Ctrl-P indexing in Vim/NeoVim

/ Productivity

I started using NeoVim a year ago and I siwtch between it and Visual Studio Code quite often. I use NeoVim mostly when I do text editing. I use it almost exclusively when writing blog articles, notes or doing research. In the past couple of weeks, whenever I tried to use Ctrl-P to find an article and edit it, it seemed like it could not find anything in my posts directory.

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Top 5 things to consider when choosing a new technology

There is a saying that naming things is the most difficult part of software development and it is 100% true. At the same time, choosing technologies, libraries, platforms or programming languages can be just as hard. There are many aspects to consider, besides how we feel about it or if it is trendy or not. Judging a framework, for example, only by its popularity and how bad you want to work with it, without looking at some numbers is a thing I call Resume-Driven Development (RDD) and has nothing to do with healthy software development practices.

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Quick tip Using mitmproxy for mobile testing

This article is meant to offer a hopefully simple solution for testing web applications that run on your local machine, on actual mobile devices, without altering your router’s DNS configuration, or resorting to other, less elegant solutions. Use case I have an application running on my machine, and I access it on http://myapp.dev as it depends on the domain it is running on, in order to bootstrap itself and offer different functionality based on the domain where it is being loaded.

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