ES6 arrow functions in depth

/ Software Development

One of the prettiest features of ES6, it could easily win a beauty contest, if such a contest would be held. What many people don’t know is that the arrow function is not simply a form of syntactic sugar that we can use instead of the regular callback. As I like to explain it to the people who attend my trainings/workshops, arrow functions are this-less, arguments-less, new.target-less and super-less. Let us now get past the shorter syntax and dive deeper into the specifics of the arrow function.

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Quick tip Using mitmproxy for mobile testing

This article is meant to offer a hopefully simple solution for testing web applications that run on your local machine, on actual mobile devices, without altering your router’s DNS configuration, or resorting to other, less elegant solutions. Use case I have an application running on my machine, and I access it on http://myapp.dev as it depends on the domain it is running on, in order to bootstrap itself and offer different functionality based on the domain where it is being loaded.

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