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About Adrian Oprea

I help people and businesses find a technical vision to complement their product / business vision.

Expect me to challenge your vision at every step of the process.

If it stands, I will then help you set a technical direction that is both cost-effective and provides an optimum ROI.

If you have an interesting project, found challenging bug in your software or just want to get your team up to speed with the latest technologies then let's work together.

My current areas of expertise and interest are:

  • Technology migration and adoption strategies and advice
  • Technical recruitment process optimization for JavaScript interviews
  • Software architecture consulting
  • Git workflow design and SVN to Git migrations
  • Technical trainings on JavaScript development using ES6 and beyond, Node.js, React.js and Git
  • Continuous Integration strategies for GitLab and BitBucket
  • Code review
  • Pair programming
  • Development environment design and setup using Docker
  • Mentorship and advice for aspiring JavaScript developers

In addition to the above, as a full stack JavaScript developer, I also do custom software development:

  1. Web development using React.js, Redux and Webpack
  2. Static websites (I'm a big fan) using Gatsby.js, GraphQL and deployed on Netlify or Amazon S3
  3. Microservices implementations using Node.js, Express.js or Zeit Micro, running in Docker containers on Amazon Elastic Container Service
  4. Mobile development using React Native and Redux
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