Be a good citizen, write code for humans.

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You write code everyday. You’d be forgiven for assuming you write code for yourself. At the end of the day you’re the one who’s going to deliver that task. Why not implement it to your liking? It’s all about you, right?! Well, not quite! Because you won’t be the only one working on that project. Even if that is the case, you won’t be the same person, 3 months from now, when you will touch that feature again for an enhancement.

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Quick checkout and rebase in Git

/ Git

Here are two simple versions of the checkout and rebase subcommands I use to perform faster branch updates and merges. Check out the last visited branch git checkout - This command is useful if, let’s say, for example, you were on master and you checked out to a new feature branch. You work on the feature and once you’re done, you want to switch back to master, get remote changes and then pull them in your feature branch as well, so you have the latest changes and check for any integration conflicts with other people’s work.

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Reading BigInt in Chrome, how to handle big numbers in JavaScript & CSS architecture

/ Reading list

Numerous battles have been carried out by developers with JavaScript’s Math. Today, I found some big news on the web, about BigInt landing in V8. Mathias Bynens — BigInt: arbitrary-precision integers in JavaScript Adding BigInts to V8 Source Code — v8/src/objects/bigint.h It’s not going to rid us of BigNumber.js just yet, but it’s probably going to serve as the starting point for implementing BigDecimal. Currently, there are a dozen variants to handle big numbers in JavaScript without touching Math, ranging from keeping the numbers as strings to keeping the integer part and the fraction as separate strings in an array and join them together at a later time to using third party libraries which more or less use the same strategies I mentioned before.

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I'm learning Go

/ Opinion / Coding Stories

I’ve been trying to make time to learn Go since 2015. I’ve been on and off with it, tried various resources, hacked on a couple of projects, but I still don’t have the confidence necessary to work on real-life projects and put Go on my CV. For the past couple of months I’ve been working with a company that does blockchain projects. Due to the specific requirements of ICOs and crypto exchanges, the need for more structure and predictability from the language/platform has become increasingly obvious.

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Can I learn React.js if I don't know JavaScript?

I receive a notification from Quora. Someone had asked me to answer this question. At first, I was tempted to give the “Learn the language basics and then go for libraries” sermon. But I stood and thought for a moment. Since the time I used to obsessively preach that, I went through a lot of teams, mindsets and technology stacks. I saw that neither the teams or the businesses needed people who were experts at language fundamentals.

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My twisted Git workflow ⛏

Recently I took a lot of interest in Golang. I was listening to the GO TIME podcast — GoLand IDE and managing Gopher Slack and there was a lot of chatter about IDEs vs. editors. What sparked my interest was the discussion around working with Git from the command line vs. using the IDEs built-in tools. This is what motivated me to write about the workflow I have with Git.

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How to fix Bootstrap Datetimepicker reset to 12/31/1899

jQuery is not dead! I’d love to say it is, but it is alive and kicking. Unfortunately, its existence hit the team I’m currently working with, and it hit pretty hard. We had this admin panel built on an older version of the Metronic theme, and the bootstrap-datetimepicker the theme used was giving us headaches. It would randomly reset to 12/31/1899 when losing focus. We were using UTC time and so our dates had this format DD/MM/YYYY HH:ii UTC.

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The quality paradox in software products

/ Opinion / Software Development

While working as a software developer I’ve been more or less accused of: “focusing too much on quality”, “polishing too much”, “overanalysing”, “not letting work go”, or “lacking in commitment”. As you can tell, by reading the previous sentence, the level of crap in the statements tends to rise towards the end, culminating with crap project managers utter after 4 failed sprints — hail SCRUM! I ended up calling myself a software over-engineer, to set expectations from the start.

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🙇‍♂️ Thoughts on software development process

/ Opinion / DevOps / Software Development

I was talking to a developer, over lunch, about some of the struggles the team I’m currently with is facing. I was telling him about the long hours we had to spend to deliver some work to the client, our code quality issues and the overall experience level of the team. His answer: Well, that’s because you don’t do sprints and you don’t do SCRUM. Let’s set this straight. Imagine your non-delivering, junior-riddled, no-BA, requirements-lacking, yes-sir-managed team is a fat person.

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5 Getting Into Web Development in 2018

/ Podcast

In this episode I’m talking about the attitude we, as experienced professionals should have towards the people who want to learn web development. It’s also short valuable lesson for aspiring web developers. I recently started researching the problems people have when trying to get into web development. I’m working on my first online course which is called “1-2-3 Web Development” and it will help people who want to get into web development establish what they want to do, what technologies should they learn and how to do it.

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