Handling errors is an essential skill

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I’ve met tons of developers who would not do error handling because of fear of it being too much. Here’s a short list of reasons: We’re going to write too much boilerplate because the properties are too deeply nested. The code will look ugly. Why write a ton of if statements? The server always returns that response, why bother? Why validate this input — it’s declared as type="number" in the DOM so it only takes numbers. Read more

How to fix GitHub Actions error docker build requires exactly 1 argument.

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I’ve been working on migrating my the remote jobs platform I built in the past months from weremote.ro to weremote.eu. The platform’s backend is a GraphQL API built over Express.js which runs inside a Docker container. I was initially building the image myself, whenever I pushed some changes worth deploying to production, but I very quickly switched to GitHub Actions once I learned about this feature. With this migration to . Read more

How I built a product that failed and won

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It was almost a year ago that I started building a self-destructing tweets app, just like Snapchat’s snaps… … and nobody used it. The not-so-short intro In 2017 I set out to create a self-destructing tweets application. Nothing impressive but it helped me learn a lot of things. First, I set out to design it all by myself — failed miserably. At that point I reluctantly decided that the best thing to do is to use a ready-made theme. Read more

I'm learning Go

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I’ve been trying to make time to learn Go since 2015. I’ve been on and off with it, tried various resources, hacked on a couple of projects, but I still don’t have the confidence necessary to work on real-life projects and put Go on my CV. For the past couple of months I’ve been working with a company that does blockchain projects. Due to the specific requirements of ICOs and crypto exchanges, the need for more structure and predictability from the language/platform has become increasingly obvious. Read more

How to fix Bootstrap Datetimepicker reset to 12/31/1899

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jQuery is not dead! I’d love to say it is, but it is alive and kicking. Unfortunately, its existence hit the team I’m currently working with, and it hit pretty hard. We had this admin panel built on an older version of the Metronic theme, and the bootstrap-datetimepicker the theme used was giving us headaches. It would randomly reset to 12/31/1899 when losing focus. We were using UTC time and so our dates had this format DD/MM/YYYY HH:ii UTC. Read more

The Trade Show — A story about JavaScript frameworks and libraries

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This post is a short story I wrote after some interesting discussions I had after my presentation at JSTalks Sofia. I started thinking about how new projects unfold in software development shops and the developer behaviors I’ve both seen and exhibited. It also contains a list of practical advice you can apply right now. So without further ado, I hope you enjoy this short story. If you enjoyed it, make sure that others will read it, as well. Read more

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