🚨 Proper conduct when shopping for web design or development services

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🛑 Stop asking for a price You are not buying potatoes at the farmers market! Think about it as if you were buying a pair of custom designer shoes. You may ask, and get a starting price, but that’s it. The rest depends on the model, materials required, adjustments made to the shoes to fit you, the deadline, as well as the number of orders the designer already has & can take. Read more

12 things about JavaScript business owners and recruiters MUST know

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Don’t you just hate it when you’re totally outside the loop when you need to hire a JavaScript developer?! Here’s a short list of concepts and keywords and the simplest explanation I could muster for each. Know these things and you will be able to make far more informed decisions (and you won’t piss your candidates off, in the process). 1. It’s JavaScript, not Java Script TL;DR Java is to JavaScript what car is to carpet. Read more

Two strategies for migrating an existing application to a new framework

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Finally got your migration budget approved? Is that Angular vs. React vs. Vue giving you headaches? Not sure whether it’s worth moving to Node.js microservices, because your team already knows JavaScript or if you should have them learn Go? Wondering what options you have, to migrate your existing product to a new framework? These are all valid questions anyone should ask when planning to rewrite their application/product. If you’re going shopping for new tech, here are two options you can use, to migrate your existing application to a new framework. Read more

Five reasons big software rewrites fail

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This article is part of a larger series that will lay out the truth behind technology migration and decoupling projects. I’ve taken part in a couple of BIG REWRITE™️ and DECOUPLING™️ and SCALABILITY™️ projects in the past 3 years, so I decided to share the whole truth behind why many such projects fail. I hope this article and the other five sitting in the editing pipeline will help you spot bad trends and do course correction early on. Read more

2 things new consultants must know

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Someone commented on my previous article but deleted the comment before I could approve it and give a reply. So, it’s apples fault you don’t do backups? The author was right. It’s not Apple’s fault I didn’t back up my data. But it’s Apple’s fault for sending crappy updates on 2000+ EUR computers with 1-month old OSes installed and totally mess them up. Glad we got that out of the way. Read more

How to stop sabotaging yourself on projects

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As I promised, I packed a lot of information related to doing any project work in this video. It’s a collection of personal experiences from my freelancing / consulting career, so far. This is not a list of DOs and DONTs but rather a collection of bad behaviours and corrective actions. Enjoy! Useful links Project management / issue tracking tools I use: Jira Basecamp Read more

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