How I learned to talk about WeRemote.eu during Y Combinator Startup School sessions

/ Entrepreneurship

I signed up to Y Combinator Startup School with WeRemote. I’m putting in weekly status reports, watch some of the lectures, and I only missed a single session so far. During each session I have to talk about the platform and describe it. __It’s like an investor pitch. __ What’s funny is that neither myself, nor a many of the founders I talk to manage to keep the presentation short and concise.

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Be yourself all the time so you don't have to be someone else

/ Entrepreneurship / Opinion

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything!” “Act natural and you’ll never have to pretend to be someone else.” The first quote is from Mark Twain (supposedly). The second is my interpretation, applied to communication, both online and offline. I replied to a comment earlier and Twain’s quote came to mind. The discussion was around my blunt communication methods, and lack of staging and scripts. ⬇️ Below is a link to the video the comment was about.

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I launched a remote jobs platform — let's talk about the numbers

/ Entrepreneurship / Videos

About a month ago I started working on a remote jobs platform, for Romania titled weremote.ro. One or two weeks into the project, I launched an initial version to collect feedback from people. After a couple of feedback rounds and amazing people giving very useful advice, I officially launched it “to the public” on the 24th of April. All along I was looking to rent an office space so I could restart my videos and my podcast, and I made a promise that the first video I would publish would be about “the numbers” the platform got since I launched it.

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The techpreneur's productivity dilemma

/ Productivity / Entrepreneurship

“I want to code!” It’s the little voice in your head, constantly pestering you to get productive. Replace code with any technology-related hard skill and you have the tech person’s productivity dilemma. But what does it mean to be productive? What does it mean to be productive as a solo professional? If you’re a freelance developer and you don’t code, you might feel like you’re not doing the right thing. You might feel like you’re being unproductive.

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