Set up a RabbitMQ cluster on your laptop using Docker

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Learn how to quickly set up a local RabbitMQ cluster using nothing more than the official RabbitMQ Docker image. I will show you two versions that you can use to launch the cluster: one using docker run and the other using docker-compose. You’re going to learn how to enable clustering in RabbitMQ, how to make Docker containers work with each other as well as how to easily test a RabbitMQ infrastructure without even having to install RabbitMQ.

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The reasons I chose Docker

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Technology changes really fast. Sometimes, it changes so fast you don’t even notice when bleeding-edge novelties become industry standard. In this article I will be using my 2 years of experience migrating projects to Docker and give you the necessary arguments to help you make the decision to migrate to Docker. What is Docker? In short, according to the official website “Docker is a software containerization platform”. It allows you to bundle you application code / artifacts along with the environment used to run your application, into a single chunk called the Docker image.

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