On sophists and sophisms

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“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” — (attributed to) Mark Twain I’ve met people, both online and IRL, who believe that if they’re schooled they must also be educated. People who believe that the educational funnel they went through must have made them better than the rest. Although the last statement might be true, in some regards, they tend to extend its meaning to being better than others with a number of years of practical experience equivalent to their years of study. Read more

What's your financial freedom goal?

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I’ve been thinking about an answer to this question since I started migrating everything from www.weremote.ro to www.weremote.eu. I thought long and hard about an answer, since all the effort I’m putting into this remote jobs platform is personal, self-funded and self-everything-else. I finally found it, today: I want to reach the level of financial freedom that would allow me to use my phone without a protective case. Now I’m going to pass it on to you: Read more

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