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Let me walk you through the reasons I decided to create this channel? Why did I create yet another technical tutorials channel? Don’t we have enough already? If you’re curious, stick with me until the end to find out what’s so different about the content on this channel. I’m going to tell you a personal story to better illustrate my reasons and hopefully you’ll have some fun while viewing / listening to it.

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How to stop sabotaging yourself on projects

/ Opinion / Business advice

As I promised, I packed a lot of information related to doing any project work in this video. It’s a collection of personal experiences from my freelancing / consulting career, so far. This is not a list of DOs and DONTs but rather a collection of bad behaviours and corrective actions. Enjoy! Useful links Project management / issue tracking tools I use: Jira Basecamp

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How to set default values using ES6 destructuring assignment

Here’s a trick I use to render a default page when a parameterized Express.js route is called with no parameter. You will learn how to set default values when using the destructuring assignment with objects. The destructuring assignment is used to unpack values from arrays or properties from objects, as you will see in this video. Useful links https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Operators/Destructuring_assignment http://es6-features.org/#ObjectAndArrayMatchingDefaultValues http://es6-features.org/#DefaultParameterValues

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The Trade Show — A story about JavaScript frameworks and libraries

/ Opinion / Coding Stories

This post is a short story I wrote after some interesting discussions I had after my presentation at JSTalks Sofia. I started thinking about how new projects unfold in software development shops and the developer behaviors I’ve both seen and exhibited. It also contains a list of practical advice you can apply right now. So without further ado, I hope you enjoy this short story. If you enjoyed it, make sure that others will read it, as well.

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YouTube demonetization doesn't hurt that much

/ Opinion

A couple of weeks ago I was reading about the YouTube demonetization phenomenon and decided to help creators with this. I wanted to build an app that would notify them, on the spot, if their videos had been demonetized. I also wanted to add functionality to improve the appeal process and maybe help YouTube train their algorithm faster by pointing out precedents, videos that have been unfairly demonetized. I needed someone to help me with testing, first and foremost because I don’t have an account that’s eligible for the YouTube Partner Program.

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My talk at JSTalks Sofia

/ Speaking

This weekend I gave a talk in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. I can tell you from the get-go that it was an awesome experience. I met a bunch of wonderful people, got to network with industry experts ranging from Microsoft MVPs to consultants with interests into WebAssembly and other topics that usually make my head explode. The gist Now, about that talk I gave. In a nutshell, I talked about my JavaScript tools fatigue fatigue.

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Automatically fix ESLint code validation errors in Visual Studio Code

Just found this very interesting feature in Visual Studio Code. It turns out that if you break a style rule, and you get a warning from ESLint, if you click on the lightbulb that appears on the gutter, near the line number where the error is, you get a “Fix problem” option. At first, I wasn’t sure if this was built into VSCode or in the the ESLint extension I’m using.

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Copy files from a Docker container to the host

/ DevOps / Productivity

I created a short video to help you understand the basics of using the docker cp command. It is meant to help people who are using Docker understand how to copy a file from a running Docker container to their host machine. In my case, I’m using a container I built for a personal project, which creates PDF documents from websites. The generated document, resides exclusively inside the container. It is then copied using docker cp to my host machine, where I can open and inspect it.

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Improve your Node.js code readability with this simple trick

/ Software Development

In this short article I plan to share with you a simple trick I use to make my Node.js code read better. It’s not wizardry so don’t get discouraged by the “trick” in the title. Here’s a regular Expressjs route handler executing a database interrogation using Mongoose: router.get('/user/:userId',(request, response) => { User.find({ id: req.params.userId }, (error, data) => { if (error) { return response.status(500).json({ status: 500, error: 'The query failed', }); } if (!

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Technical advice for startups

TL;DR Stop creating monoliths. Stop the brainless, head-first dive into development. Buy the cheapest notebook and some pens and start scribbling. You’ll thank yourselves! The story From time to time, I get the chance to interact with tech startups and I formed the nasty habit of asking about their codebase. Whenever I ask this question, I get two types of answers depending on who’s answering: The CEO, or any non-technical C-level person, almost always complain they’re moving too slow because of poorly written code.

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