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Stop storing JWT in LocalStorage! And stop using JWT.

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I’ve been developing single-page web-apps for a while now, and it’s gotten into my habit to use LocalStorage to store JWTs. The reason I used JWT was to embed data about the user, and keep it on the client-side, to authenticate (identify) requests/users. Figured out a while ago that it was wrong. On many levels! TL;DR — don’t use JWT and don’t store sensitive data in LocalStorage For starters, it’s not okay to store auth data in LocalStorage. Read more

Be yourself all the time so you don't have to be someone else

/ Entrepreneurship / Opinion

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything!” “Act natural and you’ll never have to pretend to be someone else.” The first quote is from Mark Twain (supposedly). The second is my interpretation, applied to communication, both online and offline. I replied to a comment earlier and Twain’s quote came to mind. The discussion was around my blunt communication methods, and lack of staging and scripts. ⬇️ Below is a link to the video the comment was about. Read more

I launched a remote jobs platform — let's talk about the numbers

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About a month ago I started working on a remote jobs platform, for Romania titled weremote.ro. One or two weeks into the project, I launched an initial version to collect feedback from people. After a couple of feedback rounds and amazing people giving very useful advice, I officially launched it “to the public” on the 24th of April. All along I was looking to rent an office space so I could restart my videos and my podcast, and I made a promise that the first video I would publish would be about “the numbers” the platform got since I launched it. Read more

I removed some apps from my phone...

/ Opinion

I keep seeing a lot of posts from people complaining about how social media is destroying their life and attention. Some of them have started disabling notifications, others quit cold turkey and delete their accounts, while others more just uninstall their apps. In the past, I also did it. I disabled notifications or uninstalled apps. Actually, in the past year I never allowed any app to send notifications, just because “it said so”. Read more

On the importance of visualization

/ Opinion

I’m thinking of blogging like in the old days. Back when people used to blog whenever something happened. This is what made it so unique, because it was like online journaling. And I love journaling! So today I’m going to write about something that helps me a lot in my day to day life. That’s visualization! Not the kind you find in self-help books. I don’t imagine myself to be a millionaire, then tell myself that I deserve all the riches of the world to come to me and then they come. Read more

How to check if a JavaScript object is empty

/ JavaScript / Software Development

I had the following snippet of code and wanted to log an error only if whatever the catch block receives is an actual object with actual values. Needed a solution. try { const attr = await this.contract.methods.attributes(index) .call(this.defaultConfig); const identifierText = Web3.utils.hexToUtf8(attr); return identifierText; } catch (attributeNotFoundError) { logger.error(`Attribute not found`, attributeNotFoundError); return null; } The code calls a smart contract getter, using Web3.js, retrieves whatever the return value is, and returns its plain text representation. Read more

12 things about JavaScript business owners and recruiters MUST know

/ Opinion / Business advice

Don’t you just hate it when you’re totally outside the loop when you need to hire a JavaScript developer?! Here’s a short list of concepts and keywords and the simplest explanation I could muster for each. Know these things and you will be able to make far more informed decisions (and you won’t piss your candidates off, in the process). 1. It’s JavaScript, not Java Script TL;DR Java is to JavaScript what car is to carpet. Read more

Does reading in a foreign language affect learning?

/ Quora / Opinion

This is not the usual type of article you’d expect from me. It’s a more detailed description for a question I asked on Quora — Does reading in a foreign language affect learning?. The point is that I’m not sure if and how does reading in a foreign language affect learning. How does it affect what you recall from what you read? I’m asking the question because I’ve been monitoring my progress on various books and it always seemed that I’m better at remembering details from the ones written in Romanian rather than English or French. Read more

My fear of publishing

/ Opinion

Here’s a funny story: I have around 70 unpublished articles in various stages of evolution — from only an outline and a title all the way to fully fledged articles. I also have four book ideas out of which two are almost done, five or so courses that are fully outlined as well as a host of product ideas. Now, I’m not saying all of them are good. I’m not the first or the last person with a highly active brain. Read more

Blasphemy! Multiple microservices, shared database.

/ Opinion

Here are some of my thoughts on microservices. It’s a small rant, but if you bare with me, you’ll also get some value from it. We’ve come to believe that some microservices rules are set in stone. The microservices cargo-cult is getting bigger and bigger. You need to have 30 services and each of them should be no bigger than a couple of functions. You shouldn’t use a single database for multiple services. Read more

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